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Gifts from Israel

Home blessings

Small Signs’ Home Blessing and Business Blessings are framed ceramic tiles decorated with designs matching our Ceramic Door Signs. The ceramic tiles are set in a 23 x 18 cm (9′ x 7′) solid wood frame with hanger on back.

They are made using our unique MIXED ceramic technique (See Techniques). Hung on a wall near the entrance, alone or as a complement to a door sign, a home blessing is a perfect gift for any Jewish home or business.

Each Home Blessing and Business Blessing model from above is available in different text options. When ordering you can also choose to add one or more names at no extra cost on the top of the blessing.

The following blessing text options express the basic idea of the classic Israeli home and business blessing in its “positive-thinking” version: we prefer to write what we wish rather than what we don’t…

Home Blessing ENG

Home blessing English version

Home Blessing ENG + Names

Home blessing English with names version The Hebrew names on top of the home blessing text are: Arik, Lisa, Adran and Sami

Home Blessing ENG + HEB

Home blessing Hebrew-English version Phonetical transcription of Hebrew lines: TOP: Baruch Atta Bevoacha (=Be blessed upon entering) BOTTOM: Baruch Atta Betzetcha (=Be blessed upon leaving)

Home Blessing HEB

Home blessing Hebrew version Phonetical transcription of Hebrew text: Birkat Habayit Ze habait vezot hamishpachah Yduh tamid briut vesimchah. Beahavah ubeshalvah, beparnasah ubehatzlachah, Barech na Eli et ze hamaon. Amen ken yihyieh ratzon! Translation: May this home and this family Always know only health and joy With love and with peace, with livelihood and with success, Please bless, oh G-d, this abode. Amen, may it be G-ds will

Business Blessing ENG + HEB

Business blessing Hebrew version Phonetical transcription of Hebrew text: Birkat Haesek Bemazal tov yevurach ze haesek vekol habaim beshearav ubetmurah gdolah yevurchu kol hamashkiim Translation: Business Blessing May this business and all who enter it be blessed with good fortune and may all the investors be blessed with large returns

Business Blessing HEB

Business blessing Hebrew version