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Our Mobile Post

Say hallo to Pini, the driver and clerk of the Mobile Post servicing our little village Harashim.
Int the picture Pini is processing Small Signs packages, so for who ordered nameplates and kippot in the last days… They are coming…

Our Mobile Post 2015-10-20T16:28:23+00:00

Do you like this Aluminum Plaque?

This 8’x4′ Aluminum plaque has been custom designed according to a wedding invitation.
It is a wedding gift made by the bride to her future husband.
Such nameplates are meant to be used by more than one generation… So, order one today – See the models here:

Any question? Call Ugo at 312-3400699 – This is a US number but we answer in Israel, so please call in US morning hours :-)

Do you like this Aluminum Plaque? 2015-10-08T11:43:30+00:00