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For decades, personalized ceramic signs for doors and houses by Small Signs have been as in-demand in Israel as they have around the world – and they still are today! In addition to welcoming people into your home or office, our house and door ceramic signs make delightful and unique wedding, anniversary and housewarming gifts, especially when paired with the matching Home Blessings plaque.

They are also a fabulous way by which to mark the launching of a new business!  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our custom house signs are available in a variety of styles ranging from traditional to the avant-garde; from classic to the exotic Middle-Eastern (Read this article about the origin of the Jerusalem-Armenian pottery).

See below two categories of ceramic signs based on their size-range and use:

Ceramic Door Signs

Ceramic signs for doors

Ceramic Door Sign styles


Ceramic Door Signs are made of smaller tiles, usually more suitable for entrance doors, to a home, office or a room.

  • Price range: $39.00 – $65.00
  • Sizes: Up to 20 cm (7 ¾”) in width. Click on the image above to see the Ceramic Door Signs styles
  • Shipping: Ships within 3 to 8 business days after mock-up confirmation, depending on the style you choose (Detailed in each product page)
  • Mockup: Don’t worry: nothing is ‘etched in stone’. We’ll email a prototype for your approval before crafting your personalized door signs
  • Mounting options: Mount your door signs with screws, magnets or glue. See Mounting Options for details

Ceramic House Signs

Ceramic signs for houses

Ceramic House Sign models


Ceramic House Signs are crafted of larger tiles, and suitable for outdoor use such as on a wall or a fence.

  • Price: $45.00 – $149.00 
  • Sizes: Up to 40 cm (15 ¾”) in width.  Click on the images above to see the Ceramic House Signs models 
  • Shipping: Ships within 4 to 8 business days after mock-up confirmation 
  • Mockup: Don’t worry: nothing is ‘etched in stone’. We’ll email a prototype for your approval before crafting your personalized door signs 
  • Mounting options: Glue, plaster, acrylic glues… See Mounting Options for details


Need a custom design? Click here!


Weatherproof and Made to Last!

Small Signs’ personalized ceramic signs are skillfully crafted of the finest durable materials and are resistant to the most brutal of elements. Make sure that your friends, family and the pizza delivery guy/gal can easily spot your address with customized door signs and house numbers from smallsigns.net.


Want to see our talented calligraphers and artistes extraordinaire in action?

Click on the videos below and discover how your own personalized door and house and garden signs will be expertly crafted!

Gardening in Style

garden ceramic signHave you ever planted rows and rows of vegetables or flowers, only to forget where you planted what? And then spring rolls and you’re in for a big surprise. Well, we’ve got the solution: Get your veggies in a row with our decorative personalized garden ceramic signs! Not only will you know exactly where the peonies stop and the pumpkins start,  but your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood with our cheerful, weatherproof ceramic garden signs. Choose from our vast array of unique styles, fonts and colors. Dazzle your daisies today!


Hand painting of ceramic signs (external clip):