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Metal Letters – Single or Connected

In this category you will find single metal letters in a range of sizes and some plaque models designed with letters connected with each other, in different styles.


Single letter’s size refers to the height of the Hebrew letter Alef (א) or the Latin letter a (lower case). In addition to the above sizes, you can also order metal letters smaller than 5 cm or larger than 30 cm in a special order. Please contact us for professional consultation – phone or Whatsapp at: +972 (0)54-7621811 .


You can order Small Signs’ metal letters in a variety of colors or in the natural finish of our available metals: Aluminum, Brass, Copper. See explanation on our Metal Types.

Mounting metal letters with glue

On a flat surface: (E. g. flat wall of plaster or stone, door, gate, fence – all clean and dry) attach your metal letters using a strong silicone glue (e. g. Super 7 in Israel).
Place the adhesive in a central area on the letter’s backside, press the letter on the surface, adjust in place (not moving too much), and leave it to dry without touching.

On a non flat stone wall: Fit the height gaps first, using white cement + sand, then act like on a flat surface (see above).

Double-sided tape: Available on a flat surface such as a door or wall in a covered place.
The best quality double sided adhesive (Scotch 3M) can be ordered already attached to all our plaques (letters: not smaller than 5 cm).

Mounting metal letters with screws

On any wall: The letters can be ordered with holes and screws suitable for assembly with wall plugs (regular wall plugs supplied). The holes include a flat-screw-down phase for casing the screw. Screws are supplied in the same color as the letters. You can also choose Mirror Screws with cover caps[/ popup].

On metal or wooden doors: Use the supplied tin screws. Their shape is slightly protruding as it is impossible to prepare a phase inside the metal for such screws.

Gap between the wall and the letter: To keep the letters a bit away from the wall and get a small shadow with a feeling of “three-dimensional” you can have nuts attached on the backside of the letters.

For more details see: Sign Mounting

אות עם בורג

כובע בורג

דבק דו-צדדי