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Pinback Buttons, Pin Buttons – We’ve Got the Custom Buttons … Magnet Buttons, too!

Check out our vast and colorful array of Hebrew pin buttons and magnets! Each button/magnet measures 5 1/4” in diameter and is skillfully crafted in high quality, full-color print with a high-gloss weather-resistant finish. Choose one of our popular designs, or make it your own with a customized name, image, phrase or QR code (black dots in a square grid which can be read by imaging devices)..

See many samples in the Pinbacks Galleries

Many ready designs, including yours

In addition to the magnet and button styles you see below, we also invite you to send us your own original designs from which we’ll create personalized buttons or magnets according to your specifications. This is your opportunity to shake-up the pin-back button world with custom graphics that showcase your creative flair and imagination.

When the front part always looks the same, the back side of the buttons can be ordered in two versions:

Pinback Buttons

Custom Design Pinbacks

Buttons with safety pin for attaching to a shirt, sweater or coat

T-Shirt Magnet Buttons

T-Shirt Magnet Buttons

This button consists of two parts: the interior part with strong magnets, which is attached to the button through the shirt.

School Logo Buttons

סיכה או מגנט עם סמל בית ספר לחולצות

Israeli parents! Save a lot of money on printed school shirts: order a School Logo Button and transfer it from shirt to shirt. Available in both version: Pinback and Magnet. Bulk discounts!

Bulk Discounts:

Order quantity with same image



1 – 5 25 ILS  30 ILS
6 – 23 15 ILS  20 ILS
24 – 95 6 ILS  16 ILS
Over 95 4 ILS  14 ILS

Custom Design Orders:

If you have ready-made, or half-ready, graphics, send us the file. If you do not have a file, share your idea with us. In addition to the cost of buttons, we will ask you to pay extra for the graphics. Very reasonable price depending on the amount of work required. Of course you will get a quote in advance, so please contact us!

History of Pinback Buttons / Button Pins

Button Pins are part of the historical iconography of the United States, the country where they were born as advertising products for election campaigns more than 200 years ago.

Political Buttons have been used in the United States since the first inauguration in 1789, when George Washington’s supporters wore them printed with a slogan. Early buttons were sewn into the lapel or used as a pendant on a string hanging from the neck.

The first Pinback Buttons with printed photographs designed for campaigning were produced to promote Abraham Lincoln’s political platform in 1860.

היסטוריה של סיכות כפתור

Later, button pins were offered as chewing gum or tobacco products to increase sales. These pin back buttons were made with a concave opening on the back (which provided space to insert advertising), or with a closed back part containing the pin itself.

Only later on the button pins invaded the world of advertising products. In 1945, the famous company “Kellogg”, the pioneer in prizes inside cereal boxes, introduced prizes in the form of button pins for each packaging of Pep Cereal. The famous Pep pins included US Army squadrons, as well as figures from the comics. There were five series of comic characters and 18 different buttons in each series, a total of 90 different lapel pins throughout the collection. See the collection of pep pins in the photo gallery below.

Samples of very old Pinback Buttons: