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A hand-sculpted Jerusalem stone sign gives a natural and luxurious look to any entrance, and is especially suitable as a sign for the design of a villa entrance, a private house or even an office building.
Jerusalem stone signs of small signs made of natural Jerusalem stone and hand-carved without the use of electrical tools. Just a hammer and a scalpel, as artists used to do thousands of years ago.
It is possible to combine a Jerusalem stone sign into the building of a wall or to attach it with cement made of white cement and sand.

Stone carving in history

Stone carving is an ancient activity in which pieces of natural stone are shaped by the controlled removal of the material. Due to material durability, stone works created in prehistory have survived to this day.
Prehistoric statues were usually human forms. In later cultures, animals and abstract shapes were also carved in stone. The earliest civilizations used stone-stone techniques. Later, the sculptors learned to use hammers and chisels, so for most of human history the statues used hammer and chisel as the basic tools for stone carving.

Prices: 200 – 1200 ILS according to size and the complexity of the design
Sizes: Around 40*25 cm
Technique: Hand carving  (see Production Techniques)
Mounting: Combination into wall construction or bonding with white cement + sand (see Sign Mounting)
Shipping: Within 10 days from approval of the mock up

The stone carving process for making a sign

The process begins with the choice of the stone at the local stone dealer. Marking the various letters and components of the design is done with a pencil or by gluing on the stone a sheet of printed paper. When the artist is ready to cut, he usually begins by removing the large and unwanted pieces of stone with larger chisels. Once the general shape of the sign is set, the artist uses finer tools to sharpen the letters. The final stage of the carving process is polishing, which is done using sandpaper and water. At the bottom of the page you can see the photo gallery of signs from Jerusalem stone that we made in the past.

Please note: Due to their heavy weight (about 6 kg) our stone signs are not suitable for doors – only for wall mounting

Watch me in this video sculpting a sign of Jerusalem stone:

See also a sign made of stone and metal

Jerusalem stone & metal letters

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