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Basic information about our production techniques:

Metal Name plaques

Our metal name plaques are made using two different techniques according to plaque size and order quantity. HAND MADE:  for size up to 15 cm (whole plaque or single letters). No minimum order quantity. LASER: for plaques larger than 15 cm. Minimum order quantity of 10 pieces with same design (different text).




Design: Hand drawn or PC graphics
Names: Hand written with ink pen, or using PC fonts, according to customer’s request
Production: The artwork is scanned and transferred to the metal sheet which is then hand sawed (see video clips at Metal Name plaques) The artwork is converted into a file to be used by the laser cut machine (industrial process)
Finish: Polished or with matte lacquer (option in order form) Raw metal, wet paint or Powder coating
Materials avl.: Brass, Copper, Aluminum Aluminum, Iron, Stainless steel
Weather resistance: If not lacquered or kept cleaned on regular base, Brass and Copper will get darker during the time getting a natural bronze patina that many may love Aluminum and Stainless steel have a good weather resistance, while iron will rust if left unpainted. Wet paint or Powder coating preserve metals for many years

Ceramic Signs

Our ceramic signs are made using two different techniques, MIXED technique or FULL HAND PAINT technique. The technique of each sign is specified in each product page.




Decoration: Hand drawn and painted Hand painted
Names: Hand written with ink pen (see video clips at Ceramic Signs) Hand painted
Production: Design heat printed on tile at 200 °C Tile baked in ceramic oven
Finish: Smooth and matte Smooth and matte
Tile color: Off-White White
Weather resistance: At least five years. Longer data not yet available No time limit


Jerusalem Stone Nameplates

The lettering and design are sketched directly on a piece of Jerusalem stone and then hand carved using hammer and chisel.

Leather Bracelets

To inscribe names and icons on our leather bracelets we use the heat-etching technique. The etching work is made by a free hand except for bulk orders. In this case we prepare an aluminum printing block and use a heat press to transfer the design on the leather. The icons are colored with acrylic paint.