Bat Mitzvah Nameplate – Girls

Bat Mitzvah Nameplate – Girls


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  • Ceramic tile size: 23*18 cm – Wood frame included with hanging hook attached on the back.
  • Shipping: within 4 days after mock-up confirmation

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  • Date of the event:*

    Hebrew name:*

    It will be written in Hebrew, but you can type it in English letters as well. You can also type "Do not add Hebrew name"

    Add an English name?*

    English name:*

    Add Parashah name?*

    If you choose Yes we'll find out the name of the Parashah (Torah portion) read on that date 

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    To be printed in small font on bottom


The design of our Bat Mitzvah nameplate is divided into two main areas: the text area, in the center of the tile, and the surrounding area of decorative elements.


The text area

In the central area we write the details of the event that we do not want to forget. These are the details that you are asked to enter on the order form in this page. They are:
Below are the lines of text that we write on the Bat Mitzvah gift sign:

  1. Date of the event (We’ll translate it in the Hebrew date as well).
  2. Name of the Parashah (optional), the portion of the Torah read by the girl (We’ll find it out if you don’t know).
  3. Name of the girl in Hebrew and / or English.
  4. One of the following sentences (optional):
    – Reached the age of mitzvot
    – Was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah
  5. Two additional details, like the name of the place, or the name of the rabbi who taught the child or a brief blessing from uncle and aunt for example…

The decorative elements area

In the decoration area of a Bat Mitzvah gift are first integrated elements of the Jerusalem landscape (left & middle section) and Jewish Bat Mitzvah symbols (right section).

Decorations in the left & middle section:
The Tower of David and the Dome of the Rock; The walls of the ancient city of Jerusalem with the words, “For I have given you a good lesson.” (Proverbs 4: 2); Mount Zion; Montefiore Windmill; The YMCA building, the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum, the Western Wall, a lion, the symbol of the tribe of Judah and Jerusalem.

Decorations in the right section:
Tablets of the Covenant with a crown and the words “crown of Torah”, a pair of Shabbat candles together with the Aramaic acronym BS”D (With the help of G-d), and three images related to the reading of the Torah.

For a general explanation on Bar and Bat Mitzvah, see Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Nameplates

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